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    YP, YPKK 系列(H710~800)大型高壓變頻三相異步電動機

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    YP, YPKK 系列(H710~800)大型高壓變頻三相異步電動機

    YP, YPKK 系列(H710~800)大型高壓變頻三相異步電動機結構特點  Structural characteristics
      YP, YPKK 系列(H710~800)大型高壓變頻三相異步電動機采用箱式鋼板結構,采用高壓變頻器供電以達到無極調速的功能,電機通風罩或冷卻器采用強制風冷的結構,確保電機在低頻運行狀態下的通風散熱;電機軸承設計為端蓋式滑動軸承,采用稀油站強迫潤滑。當電機功率超過2000kW時,可根據用戶要求,多配一副出線盒,用于引出三相繞組中的中性點。該產品具有高效節能、低噪音、振動小、調速范圍廣、精確度高和高可靠性等優點,可驅動各種通用機械如風機、水泵、壓縮機、礦山機械等,被廣泛應用于電站、鋼廠、礦山等工礦企業中。 
    This series motors with box type steel structure, can be ajusted its speed using high voltage inverter; Forced cooling structure for the cooler or protective cover, ensure the cooling effect of motor under low frequency operation; Sliding bearing is installed and forced lubricated by lubricating station. When the power is more than 2000kW, according to the requirement of customer, another terminal box can be installed to pick up the neutral point of winding.
    This series motors have characteristics of high reliability, wide speed range, high precision, beautiful apperance, low noise, little vibration, and can be applied to fan, pump, compressor, mining machinery, engineering machinery installed in  power plant, steel mill, mine and so on.insulation, moisture-proof and shock resistance; Temperature senor for stator and bearing, non-stop oil filling and exit pipe, improve the protection ability and operation efficiency of the motors.
    This series motor can be applied to the requirements as follows: 1. The lager starting torque; 2. Power capacity is not enough to start a squirrel cage motor; 3. Long start time or start more frequently; 4. Adjust speed in a small range.